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Many spots will clear up under their own and you will be able to stop new ones from emerging if you can minimize the cause.

Different Types of Black Spots

When you halt the pimples or flare-ups of a skin disorder like acne or psoriasis, you decrease the source of the discolouration. The majority of black spots will eventually go away on their own.

When you use a skin or hair care item that affects your skin, it might develop black patches. Use softer creams if you’re seeing black stains. It’s less probable that they’ll damage your skin.

It’s possible that you’ll become really ill as a result of this. Inquire with the specialist who provided the drug about the possibility of darkened skin as a side effect.


Fading might take time once you’ve stopped what’s generating the black spots or patches. Between 6 to 12 months, an area that is a few colors deeper than your normal skin tone will generally vanish.

When you’re out, if you’re treating the black spots yourself or seeing a dermatologist, sunscreen is a must. Sunlight, when used on a daily basis, can help to avoid the formation of new dark spots and patches. It can also assist in the removal of existing ones.

Use a sun with all of the following features to receive the defense you need to avoid black spots: SPF 30 or above Wide protection.

One or both of the active components may be present. zinc oxide, titanium dioxide
If you have oily skin, look for a non-comedogenic product.

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